Hi there! We are hooman.

Passionate creatives with an edge.

This is us.

Soooo, this is us. Hooman Agency is based in Johannesburg South Africa with almost 20 years of creative and design experience. We are extremely blessed to work with clients from all over the world.

So, why Hooman?
Hooman is a “slang” word derived from the word Human. We are all human and we work with like-minded people who take pride in their business or brand. A crucial part of what makes us human is our experiences. This is why we design experiences. Whether it be a website, e-commerce store, brand development, marketing or social management. And with an experience comes emotion. To some extent, we are guided by our emotions. It goes without saying that we love working with clients who work with or support causes that uplift others. We can all change the world, one design at a time.

Not only do we work with clients directly, but we also collaborate with various other design studios and creatives who are amazing in their respective fields. This ensures that the end result meets and exceeds the client’s expectations.


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